710 Labs OGKB 2.1 #7

Genetics: OG Kush Breath x Dosidos (NorCal Cut) Breeder: In House Bud Structure: Large and well formed nugs. Skelly’s Notes: This OG backcross of OG Kush Breath and the NorCal cut of Dosidos is a hash powerhouse. OGKB 2.1 #7 yields over 30% by dry weight in water hash and expresses tones of spice and cream. Predominant Terpenes (Top 5 from greatest to least presence): – d-Limonene – beta- Caryophyllene – Linalool – alpha- Humulene – delta-3-Carene ORANGE CREAM #26 ORANGE CREAM #26 ORANGE CREAM #27 ORANGE CREAM #27 Platinum Huckleberry Cookies #22 PLATINUM HUCKLEBERRY COOKIES #22 STARDAWG PIE STARDAWG PIE TESTER 51 TESTER 51 The Sweeties #7 THE SWEETIES #7 Shineapple SHINEAPPLE Sunset Sherbert SUNSET SHERBERT Unquestionably OG UNQUESTIONABLY OG Watermelon Short Cook WATERMELON SHORT COOK WATERMELON ZKITTLEZ #11 WATERMELON ZKITTLEZ #11 Z CUBED #5 Z CUBED #5


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710 Labs
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710 Labs

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by gvrys
10Co is always super fast in responding to my texts or calls when I have a question or want to make an order. They always got deals running on top shelf flower and top shelf extracts like 710 Labs pods. Ordered and got my delivery all under 40 minutes. 9/10
by nealbrick
10 collective is always my go to when I need fire medicine asap. Delivery times are always fast (within 30 mins of placing order) and the products they carry never disappoints . 10/10
by louieb25
These guys have it down. I’ve been ordered Ing for almost 2 years now from them and they are quick and easy to work with. This is the only delivery service i use and it’s always been on time and they have a very fast response time back. Keep up the good work 10 collective.
by Only_Quality_Reviews
had an issue with my order and the owner contacted me himself almost immediately to help me resolve the problem at hand, definitely some quality flower here.

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