Grizzly Peak Farms Hadouken

Hadouken (Hybrid) THC: 20.28% Hadouken is an indica dominant hybrid that is known for its mood enhancing effects that lulls you into relaxation without sending you down for the count instantly. Grizzly Peak Farm’s premium strain has an earthy aroma, allowing the myrcene to pull through and produce heavy sedative effects in this OG heavy strain. Hadouken is known for it’s pain relieving effects and is a great addition to any night in. Superman OG and SFV OG are the parent strains to this OG classic. Hadouken administers a high dose of comfort, coziness, and contentment and can be hunger inducing for those interested in stimulating appetite. These dense, triangular buds are covered in trichomes and orange hairs that are meticulously manicured to perfection. Just like all of Grizzly Peak Farm’s flower, Hadouken is pesticide free and cultivated in a premium indoor grow to provide a high quality and consistent experience.


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Grizzly Peak Farms
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Grizzly Peak

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by moomoo86
I’m on my first 8th and I’m already happy asf🤣🤣🤣
by cookiejewels94
The people I talked to were super helpful! Weed was fire, and got it hella fast.
by ceptikon
came fast and gave me a free gift.. my new delivery guys and or gals..
by Jiffydaducky
Just got my blue slush from my driver Brandon. worth the wait will go back mostly because of how nice and professional he was.

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